Hamster Rage Is The World’s Weirdest Web-Comic, And We Interviewed Its Creator

Hamster Rage

At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, this year, we recently had the chance to speak with comic creator Brian J. Crowley to hear more about his webcomic series, Hamster Rage, which he dubs as the weirdest webcomic on the internet.

So, can you tell us a little bit about Hamster Rage?

Brian: Sure. Hamster Rage is about the world’s best super hero, MegaBabe, and her childhood pet hamster Roosevelt comes back, is superpowered, about 8 feet tall and has the same powers as her. As you go through the first book, you start to discover why and find out more and more, and we start to peel back the layers, as to what happens or what caused this character to come about. 

What sparked your imagination to bring an 8 foot hamster into the world?

Brian: So, originally I had two characters. I had, when I was a kid, drawing a cartoony type hamster character, and then I was drawing this giant monster tiger character. When I wanted to do the book, I wanted to do the thing where I did this superhero woman, and then I wanted to do kind of a monster, like that combination. I really liked Monkey Man and O’Brien. I really liked a lot of other combos like that. So that’s kind of what got me going in that direction. And then I started just pulling from other stuff that I liked as a kid into the book. I started to look at old sketchbooks and drawings, and like “Oh, I even forgot that I drew that” and be like “yoink” and let’s pull this into this thing and go from there.

Are there any other famous hamsters that have inspired you for this, like Hamtaro or the hamsters from The Hamster Dance song?

Brian: No. So I thought of all this stuff predating that kind of stuff and I wasn’t aware of Hamtaro until afterwards. The first year that I released this, the Kia commercials with the dancing hamsters (aired) and I was like “Oh, that’s a weird coincidence.” But, I’m happy. I’m Glad

You liked hamsters before they were cool.

Brian: Well, no. I always thought hamsters were cool, and I’m glad everybody else all at the same time started thinking “Oh yeah, hamsters are pretty cool.” Because even Overwatch has a hamster character now, so that’s awesome.

Are there any other animals that exist in this universe?

Brian: Oh yes. Tigron, the character I was mentioning earlier was a big childhood character of mine. I pull him in and he’s in the trade. He makes an appearance, and then in the second trade, he’s going to factor in big time. So, he factors in and in volume one he fights Lobstar, who is very influenced by one of my favorite villain characters, Clawful, from Masters of the Universe. I’m a big He-Man fan. Also, I’m scared of alligators, because I grew up in South Florida, and so I have an alligator character that will come up too. 

Does the alligator behave like a Florida Man?

Brian: No, it’s a little stranger than that.

Oh, that’s raising the bar, if he’s going to top Florida Man.

Brian: Yeah, I made sure that when I was advertising for my appearance here in Chicago, because I originally come from Florida, I did the whole “Florida Man appears at C2E2.”

If you want to check out more about Hamster Rage from Brian J. Crowley, you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and HamsterRage.com!

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