Hamster Rage

Hamster Rage Is The World’s Weirdest Web-Comic, And We Interviewed Its Creator

At the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, this year, we recently had the chance to speak with comic creator Brian J. Crowley to hear more about his webcomic…

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DFTG Artist Feature – Interview with Dorkly and Nerd Rage Webcomic Artist Andy Kluthe at C2E2

Andy Kluthe is a St. Louis-based web comic artist. His web comic series Nerd Rage pokes fun at the various aspects of nerd culture, and he is a frequent collaborator…

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A Smissmas Celebration for All Team Fortress Fans!

We’re just two days away from Christmas and developers all over have been launching some really cool content for their fans in holiday fashion. Not in the least, is Valve’s…

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