Mortal Kombat 11 Confirms Noob Saibot With Epic New Trailer (VIDEO)

Noob Saibot

Mortal Kombat fans are just one month away from the newest and biggest entry in the series yet, Mortal Kombat 11. Thankfully, the closed beta for those who preordered the new game has been confirmed to be arriving in just a few days. Many of the Mortal Kombat 11 fighters have been announced, but the roster still has more open spots to reveal. With convention season now underway, NetherRealm studios felt no better time to make a big preview of the game and announce new fighters than at C2E2 in their hometown of Chicago. A panel hosted today announced the return of classic character Noob Saibot, and his reveal trailer was epic:

At the C2E2 panel, new gameplay details and story footage were presented, but the first big reveal was the announcement of returning fighter Noob Saibot. The fan favorite character originally began as a palette swap due to resource and memory constraints, and will return once more to wreck havoc. His return was announced with new gameplay and cinematic footage, showing Noob Saibot interacting with his brother Sub-Zero, continuing their iconic rivalry.

We then get to see Noob Saibot fighting against the previously confirmed fighters, utilizing his varied fighting techniques and weapons. For each opponent, Noob Saibot delivered a unique fatality, including one in which he drove his scythe through an opponent’s skull. It’s been some time before Noob Saibot has been seen in action, but veteran fans of the series are sure to be glad that another classic Mortal Kombat ninja warrior is surfacing once more. Saibot is most definitely not a n00b, as his name would lead you to believe. What do you guys think about Noob Saibot returning as a Mortal Kombat XI fighter? Let us know in the comments below!

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