RUMOR: Bully 2 Hinted For Development With Casting Call

Bully 2 Casting Calls

Later this month, Rockstar Games will release their long-awaited sequel to their Western masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption. The new game has excited many with the promised return of several popular characters from the original, including former protagonist John Marston. However, there is another beloved Rockstar world that many fans have expressed a desire to return to, namely Bully. Rumors of a sequel have floated around the industry for the past few years, but no official sequel has been announced. Now, these rumors are rising thanks to what very well might be Bully 2 casting calls.

Several new casting call listings have been posted on the official Twitter account for Jessica Jeffries Casting. The listings are for a variety of motion capture video game roles for a major UK game studio. While no mention of Bully 2 or Rockstar is made, the developer would be an obvious guess for anyone familiar with the gaming industry. What is interesting to note is the mention of college for several key roles.

One role mention being a “college professor”, while another is for a “mature college student.” If this indeed Bully 2, then this would certainly be a departure from the first game, which centered around a high school’s teenagers. Setting the series in college would offer many opportunities to build on the previous mechanics and bridge a gap between Bully and Rockstar’s other big game framchises. Hopefully, the developer isn’t too preoccupied with Red Dead Online to keep Bully 2 trapped in a locker forever.

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