Hand-Painted Borderlands Masks On Sale Now For 40% For A Limited Time!

Now you can let out  your inner pyscho with these brand new hand-panted resin makes from the iconic (and delightfully weird) Borderlands franchise. Whether you want to harness your inner Handsome Jack, or go for the more simplistic life of a Psycho – now you can be which ever one you want for 40% off … just, leave the Vault Hunters alone for a little bit, won’t you?

Pandora is a dangerous place, especially for Vault Hunters. If you’re not facing down angry hordes of Psychos, you’re being manipulated by that other masked weirdo, Handsome Jack. But if you persist through hours of game play and countless missions, you could be the lucky meat puppet that brings them all down!

Or you could save yourself some trouble and just hang these nifty ThinkGeek exclusive masks on your wall as trophies to your bada$$ery! There are two masks to choose from: Handsome Jack or the Psycho Bandit. Each screen-accurate replica is carefully crafted of premium quality resin and comes housed in its own shadow box frame. And with them out of the way, the Vault is practically yours for the taking – except for, you know, the Destroyer. Or the Warrior. There are a LOT of threats on Pandora, and we didn’t have shadow boxes big enough to fit them all.borderlands masksProduct Specifications 

  • Borderlands Hand-painted Framed Resin Masks
  • Officially-licensed Borderlands merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Choose from Handsome Jack or Psycho Bandit
  • Each mask is permanently mounted in a shadow box frame
  • Carefully crafted, hand-painted, and screen accurate replicas
  • Gorgeous trophies of your victories, and symbols of your bada$$ery
  • The perfect decor for any Vault Hunter’s abode
  • Sawtooth hanger on back of frame
  • Materials: Resin mask with wood frame
  • Care Instructions: Shoot first
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 7″ tall replica mask + 8″ wide x 10″ tall frame
  • For display only (do not wear – they’re not actually masks, so that would make it complicated)

Feel like letting your Borderlands fandom shine? You can order your Psycho Bandit here, or choose the Handsome Jack lifestyle here. Both are on sale now for $29.99 for a very limited amount of time, snag ’em while you can for a super rad price!

Need a little more Borderlands in your life? We’ve got you covered:

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