Borderlands 3 Halloween Event ‘Bloody Harvest’ Returns (VIDEO)

borderlands 3 bloody harvest feat

September last year, Gearbox officially released Borderlands 3, and the following month brought the Bloody Harvest upon the community! To celebrate all things spooky in October, Borderlands 3 introduced a Halloween event where players come face-to-face against haunted enemies to earn themed rewards for a limited time. Check out the launch trailer to get into the ghoulish spirit:

From October 8th to November 5th, partake in the Bloody Harvest to earn festive gear and items such as trinkets and skins for weapons and vault hunters. As with any seasonal celebration, these are only available for a limited time. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another year to reap the rewards. Here’s what players can get:

Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest Rewards

  • 4 Challenges Completed – “A Shrinking Feeling” weapon trinket
  • 8 Challenges Completed – “Message from Beyond” ECHO Device skin
  • 12 Challenges Completed – “Haunted Look” shared Vault Hunter skin
  • 15 Challenges Completed – “Porphyrophobia” weapon skin

To begin the Bloody Harvest, seek out Maurice on Sanctuary III and receive a mission that tasks you with collecting Hecktoplasm from the ghost spawns of haunted enemies. You only need the base game of Borderlands 3 to join in on the hecking fun, but locations such as The Handsome Jackpot, Gehenna, Krieg’s Mind, and Cylourgos will host ghoulish creatures as well.

Collect a fair amount of Hecktoplasm for Maurice and he’ll open a doorway to Heck and there you can clash with Captain Haunt! “There you’ll find challenges to complete to unlock new Bloody Harvest items,” Gearbox explained. “You can view these challenges any time via a special tab in your ECHO Device. You’ll also notice that Maurice is getting less demanding in his advancing age and has made a few returning challenges less grindy (thanks, Maurice).”

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