Borderlands 3 Character Skill Tree Abilities Revealed

Following an epic reveal over a month ago, Borderlands 3 has finally shown off its first gameplay as part of the game’s previously announced reveal event. From what we’ve seen from the showcase so far, Gearbox is looking to take the skill tree system we know and implement a few choice changes for the upcoming installment.

Of the game’s lineup of Vault Hunters, newcomers Zane and Amara were given a spotlight and the newly-premiered gameplay provided a nice rundown of their base abilities. Amara, being a Siren character, is loaded with a number of glowing magical skills, while Zane’s operative-focus places him more on the hardware side of the fight.

Borderlands 3 Character Skill Tree Abilities Revealed

The two’s skill trees reflect these attributes, each having three available of Action Skills that run with these ideas in unique ways. Amara comes with a trio of similarly-named maneuvers: Phasegrasp, a psychic means of holding enemies still; Phasecast, a destructive ghostly astral projection; and Phaseslam, a devastating ground pound that knocks all surrounding baddies into the air.

Zane also sports an assortment of Action Skills. Digi-Clone outputs a holographic clone on the battlefield, the decoy able to fire at enemies and swap places with the player in the midst of combat. Zane mains can also deploy a hovering machine gun drone called SNTNL, as well as open a one-way Barrier that can dole out various benefits such as sporadic healing and elemental ammo. It was also confirmed that Zane has the unique ability to deploy two Action Skills at the same time.

Borderlands 3 Character Skill Tree Abilities Revealed

As with any of these special attacks, each can be improved and augmented through obtaining skill points and unlocking specific branches on the skill tree. While it’s still still unclear how powerful these Action Skills can become, the ultimate extent seems nonetheless exciting, especially considering how useful these few already seem in their base forms.

Borderlands 3 releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 13th.

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