Bob Ross Painting Recreated In Minecraft By YouTuber (VIDEO)

Bob Ross Painting

Despite losing some of its internet gaming ubiquity, Minecraft still holds a significant lofty beloved place in gaming culture nearly a decade after its initial release. With the game having evolved with many new mechanics and several spinoffs spanning different genres, creative free-building still remains as one of the big draws for Minecraft amongst the public. The original classic mode inspired many to recreate their favorite real and fictional worlds in the digital landscape. Much like this creative tool, Internet fixation Bob Ross encouraged many throughout his career to express and comfort themselves through the arts, and now the two creative outlets have merged with a Bob Ross painting recreated in Minecraft.

YouTube user SmallishBeans recently shared a video that showcases their Bob Ross painting recreated in Minecraft. For those unaware, Bob Ross was a famous painter who hosted a public television series called The Joy of Painting, in which Ross gave the viewers instructions on how to paint particular paintings. The paintings usually were landscape images of natural settings, which are the majority of Minecraft’s locales, both by default and by individual creators. Given that Minecraft is as much an artist’s tool as it is a gamer’s, SmallishBeans opted to recreate one of Ross’s paintings in Minecraft.

By creating a second user, SmallishBeans was able to record a time lapse of their process in recreating the artwork. Also used was a mod that made it easier to leave a large chunk of blocks in one place simultaneously, making the long stretches of digital brushstrokes go by much faster. The end result is quite eerily similar to the original painting. Some might consider using Minecraft for such a ludicrous task as a mistake produced by the internet, but as Bob Ross said “There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.”


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