Bayonetta Voice Actor May Not Return For Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta voice actor

Nintendo has found great success with the Nintendo Switch, and their support for the platform is showing no signs of slowing down. Nintendo’s strategy for their console has included not just great first-party titles, but the financing of exclusive games developed by outsider studios. One of the biggest cases for this latter strategy has been Bayonetta 3, which excited many upon its announcement. Bayonetta’s vibrant characterization has been largely attributed to her voice actor, Hellena Taylor. However, some cryptic messages from the Bayonetta voice actor may suggest she might not return for Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor recently replied to several fans through her Twitter account about her work. One of these fans replied to one of the voice actress’s tweets, with the fan stating that they could not imagine anyone besides Taylor in the role of Bayonetta. Taylor decided to respond to this tweet, saying, “Well you might have to.” This would seem to suggest Taylor might not actually return for the third game. When asked to specify what this cryptic tweet meant, Taylor stated that she was “not at liberty to say.” Another reply from Taylor also says “I so wanna answer that one but I’m bound by confidentiality agreement.”

These tweets from the Bayonetta voice actor, while disparaging, did lead former PlatinumGames developer JP Kellams to suggest that if Taylor was not allowed to reprise her role, he would vocally lead support for the actor himself. Neither PlatinumGames nor publisher Nintendo has specifically confirmed or denied Taylor’s involvement with the project, but it would seem an odd choice to not disclose that this far into development. Usually, voice acting work is some of the earliest parts of a project, so that the performances can be animated around. Hopefully, Taylor is allowed to voice the long-legged witch warrior once more. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.

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