Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Developer Responds To Loot Crate Concerns

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When a game as highly anticipated as the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront, it can be rather nerve-wracking for developers to open up a beta to the public. Given the fact that betas are disclosed as unfinished products, there will be plenty of feedback from people with high expectations, or simple ideas for improvement. In the latest press release from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 developer EA, the crew responds to the general concerns from the beta that recently ended, and one of them being loot crates.

End of match loot box systems can be a bit tricky to get right, but concerns have already popped up regarding the unbalanced probabilities (a.k.a RNG) of getting more powerful items and the possibility that feeds into a pay-to-win scenario. On the brighter side, however, it seems as though the developers are willing and ready to listen:

The Beta was just a small piece of what we’re making. Yes, there’s more content (new locations, heroes, modes, and the all-new single-player campaign), but we heard your feedback loud and clear after the first game. There is more player choice in multiplayer through a deeper progression system and an evolving, event-driven live service that keeps the community together by moving away from Season Pass and having all new gameplay content free for all Star Wars Battlefront II players.

Rest assured, we’re continuing to listen to you coming out of Beta. We’re taking a look at some of the most discussed topics, from Crates and progression to Strike mode (which we’re considering changing to a best of three), the Specialist’s Infiltration ability (which might be a little too overpowered) and more. Oh, and the First Order Flametrooper needs some work – we agree he could use a little more… firepower. We are also looking into more ways to allow players to stay and play together as a team – for launch, we’ll have a new feature for you that rewards all players in a spawn wave. These are just a few examples of how your feedback is helping to shape the game.

According to the press release, the Battlefront 2 developer has these lists of improvements to focus on before the official release of the game. It includes improvements to the loot crate balance, duplicates, currencies and many other issues brought to the table. Here’s what they propose:

Loot Crate Changes Being Made in Star Wars: Battlefront II

  • There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits and Victory Poses.
  • As a balance goal, we’re working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.
  • Crates will include a mix of of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses.
  • Players earn crates by completing challenges and other gameplay milestones, or by purchasing them with in-game credits or Crystals, our premium currency.
  • If you get a duplicate Star Card in a crate, you will get crafting parts which you can then use to help upgrade the Star Card of your choice.
  • And lastly, you have to earn the right to be able to upgrade Star Cards and unlock most Weapons. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game.

As an added declaration, the Battlefront 2 developer disclosed that there will be continual improvements before and after the game’s official release as feedback from players pour in. “Like everything else, we will be continually making necessary changes to ensure the game is fun for everyone,” EA reassured. “We will work to make sure the system is balanced both for players who want to earn everything, as well as for players who are short on time and would like to move faster in their progress towards various rewards.”Star Wars Battlefront 2 battlefront 2 developer

For the entirety of the statement from the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 developer, you can check it out here. How about you, fellow gamers? What do you think of EA’s offerings? Do your expectations for improvements remain high? Were any of your personal concerns addressed? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as they happen, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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