Battlefield V Brings Back “Core” Time To Kill Playlists

Battlefield V Brings Back "Core" Time To Kill Playlists

Last week, DICE announced that it was rolling out some drastic changes to the weapon system in Battlefield V. Revealed on the Battlefield V subreddit, almost all types of weapons were receiving nerfs to their maximum damage values, effectively making it so that players are tougher to kill. This didn’t exactly sit well with a significant number of the player base, and as such DICE has been receiving some serious backlash for its decision. Now, in an attempt to win back the players’ good graces, DICE has announced that it will be implementing a “core” set of Time to Kill playlists for the game.

The news comes one again by way of the Battlefield V subreddit, wherein the team first addresses the divide in the community over the recent TTK changes. “We’ve seen it’s been a big talking point and causing a divide in the community, which was never our intention,” the post reads. “We have been listening closely to what you’ve all been saying.” The post then goes on to describe the changes that are being made to TTK, with DICE implementing a new set of “core” playlists for players to choose from.

The intent came from us observing that new players are having a very hard time with the game compared to our core players, and we wanted to see if we could improve this over the holidays so more players can have a great time. As many of our veteran players know, Battlefield games constantly evolve and change over time in our collaboration with the community. Battlefield V is no exception. We heard your feedback that many of you prefer the old TTK values, with one playlist featuring only Conquest using the “Core” settings clearly not being enough. To fix that, we will be adding a “Core” version of all playlists in the game next week, giving you a clearer choice between new and old settings. We’ll update you early next week on when the new playlist will be added.”

It will be interesting to see if the revealed changes will do anything to satisfy the community, as perhaps a more drastic change may be needed to restore the player base’s faith in DICE. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Battlefield V is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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