Battlefield V PC Beta Includes Profanity Filter For Chat

Battlefield V PC Beta Includes Profanity Filter For Chat

With the game’s recent shift in release dates, Battlefield V is now even further away from launch, leaving the next open PC beta as players’ only taste of the wartime shooter for the next several weeks. As such, many are excited to finally get their hands on the newest Battlefield installment and EA DICE is likely keen to make sure the multiplayer delivers on the expected experience. One of the ways the developer is turning up enjoyment to eleven is by turning down trolls with a profanity filter for chat.

Confirming the inclusion was one of the game’s producers Jaqub Ajmal, who took to Twitter to answer a few pressing fan questions. One of these concerns was whether abusive language could slip through the PC beta, with Ajmal assuring toxicity will be kept to a minimum with the profanity filter enabled.

Of course, these types of automatic sensors aren’t foolproof, a fact the post’s replies were quick to point out. Terms such as “Dick” were revealed to have no effect due to it also happening to be a widely-used name. When asked if scripted in-game characters would also be forced to watch their language, Ajmal confirmed that the optional filter would only apply to other players.

While rapid-fire insults may seem like an everyday occurance in competitive games like these, Battlefield V has been the focus of more (ahem) unique criticism revolving around the inclusion of women soldiers this time around. One would think outrage would incline angry players to play elsewhere, but we instead live in world where chat filters have become a real necessity.

The Battlefield V PC beta goes live today for pre-order owners and EA Origin Access subscribers, while everyone else can join in on September 6th. The full game releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20th.

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