Batman Arkham Studio Working On “Major” DC Universe Project (VIDEO)

Batman Arkham Studio Working On "Major" DC Universe Project (VIDEO)

Ever since the definitive conclusion of the Batman Arkham series, a number of big follow-up projects have been rumored to be in the works with Warner Bros. Everything from an Arkham sequel, to Rocksteady’s rumored Superman game, to a Justice League team-up have been the subject of speculation over the last year, yet no official word has been heard regarding confirmation of any of the potential titles.

However, it now appears we have confirmation for at least one DC project underway by Batman Arkham Origins studio WB Montreal. The studio’s senior designer Osama Dorias recently appeared on the Humans of Gaming podcast, revealing his recent work on a “major” DC Universe property.

The project I just recently left, because they’re [working on] a couple of projects at the studio, is… The only thing I can say about it is it’s a major console game, open world… DC Universe. The DC Comics Universe. So, that’s really awesome.”

Dorias stopped before revealing anything substantial about the unannounced project, but stated his experience with the upcoming game was “really kick-ass.” Realizing the speculation that’s almost sure to ensue, he encourages listeners to “feel free to guess,” playfully adding, “Guess all you want. I’ll nod or shake my head on the podcast.”

An open world game set in the DC universe isn’t too much of a surprise, but at we now know there’s one in the works at WB Montreal. As for which comic character(s) could potentially headline the game, we can surely take on Dorias’ challenge and unleash a round of speculation. This could very well be that rumored Justice League game that was making the internet rounds earlier in the year, or perhaps even a project featuring an underused hero such as Wonder Woman. Either way, it looks like we won’t get any new information for a while.

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