Batman Animated Series Tabletop Game Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Batman Animated Series

Despite video games being more popular than ever, tabletop gaming has also managed to find a resurgence this far into the 21st century. The medium has managed to successfully translate numerous fan-favorite franchises into tabletop experiences, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Dark Souls, and even The Elder Scrolls. Despite releasing first in the 1990s, the classic Batman animated series has continued to remain in the hearts of those that grew up with the show. Now, it seems that the dark knight is venturing into the world of tabletop gaming with a new Batman animated series tabletop game.

DC Comics and IDW Games have recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Batman animated series tabletop game Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat. The base game is available for a pledge of $125 USD and includes all of the cards, dice, and miniatures needed to play the game. For an additional $100, fans can spring for the “All-In” option that includes every perk and expansion, including one based on Arkham Asylum. The game allows between 1 and 4 players to control their favorite heroes and fight the villains of Gotham in a variety of pre-written scenarios. There is also the option of a competitive mode that lets players control their favorite villains as well.

The Kickstarter campaign had an initial goal of $225,000 USD but currently has already attained over $811,000 as of writing. With continued support, the campaign will be able to include other stretch goals, with the next (and final) one being the playable Mountain Lions Ally pack. The game seems to have the option of being quite complex and plunges deep into Batman lore, but allows itself to be accessible to more casual gaming and Batman animated series fans if need be. If you’re looking for a light signal to brighten up the night sky that is tabletop gaming night, you’ve got your hero right here.

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