Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Let You Romance All Companions

Interacting with characters often makes an RPG that much more worth the while, especially if players are able to pursue these in-game relationships in a much more romantic light. Such as the case with titles like Mass Effect and The Witcher 3, where players are open to woo quite a few ladies, men, and sometimes other humanoid species’ to their natural and intimate conclusion. As with Divinity Original Sin 2 before it, Larian Studios’ next offering of Baldur’s Gate 3 appears to keep this tradition intact, letting players romance practically anyone in the game.

As per a recent interview with PCGamesN (H/T Prima Games), Larian senior producer David Walgrave confirmed that the sky is the limit when searching for a ride on the love train, the dev simply answering, “all of them” when asked about love interests in Baldur’s Gate 3. “You played Original Sin,” Walgrave said. “And you could bang anything there, as well. Lizards and skeletons, *pfft*, whatever!”

Having little limits on who to bed is surely an enticing inclusion for Baldur’s Gate 3, even more so when considering the game’s visually-stunning gameplay reveal at PAX East. The reward of a simple in-game “bang” would surely add no shortage of value to a title already dripping with potential, though another it appears that any eventual lay in the hay might be a bit more complicated than that.

Senior writer Adam Smith offered further insight in a recent exchange with VG247, suggesting a romantic experience much more dynamic than one might expect.”We don’t want to make it into this romance system which is, ‘I earned this person,’” Smith revealed. “We want it to feel more real. We want to have jealousy. We want to have just great joy in it, as well.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Let You Romance All Companions

To provide a clearer picture, Smith used the example of Liselle, a character steeped in her Githyanki culture, and as such “don’t really do monogamy.” He outlined a scenario in which the player would romance Liselle and almost inevitably find her in the embrace of someone else. “And she’s going to be like, ‘oh, that was a bit of fun, wasn’t it? How are you doing?’,” Smith suggested. “And you’re just like, ‘oh!’ Heartbroken!”

“It’s much more based on how you deal with them, and the things you do,” Smith continued. “So when I say, ‘everyone’s romanceable by everybody else,’ that’s not in every playthrough. And in multiplayer, you can literally end up on opposite sides as the other players, which is really cool. You can end up on two different sides of a big battle, because you just chose different sides at that point. And then you just separate and go your own ways.”

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