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First Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay EA Play

Electronic Arts has been teasing an all-new Star Wars this past week, with the publisher recently announcing a new...

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Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5

Prior to this past week, a follow-up to Insomniac Games’ widely-acclaimed Spider-Man title had been all-but-confirmed for months, with...

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Pokémon Café Mix

While it’s been a while since The Pokémon Company last held a reveal event regarding the popular franchise, such...

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Pokemon GO studio Niantic

Since debuting four years ago, Pokémon GO has amounted to immeasurable success for developer Niantic, with millions of users...

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Star Wars: Squadrons X wing

With the success of Jedi: Fallen Order and the steady redemption of Star Wars: Battlefront II, fans are surely...

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Baldur's Gate 3

After making its initial appearance a year ago, fans have undoubtedly been excited to see a third Baldur’s Gate...

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Deathloop Gameplay PlayStation 5 PS5

It’s been quite a while since gamers were last treated to news regarding Deathloop, with an announcement introducing the...

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Riot Games

The tragic murder of George Floyd has sparked an impassioned flame of support over this past month, with protesters...

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Oddworld Soulstorm Abe's Exoddus remake

While the Oddworld series hasn’t spawned a new entry in upwards of a decade, the classic platforming experience has...

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PlayStation 5 ps5 accessories

After months of speculation, Sony has finally unveiled a first proper look at the next-generation PlayStation 5, not only...

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