Arcade Surfing Coming to PC and Console Next Year with Surf World Series (VIDEO)

At first glance you may wonder what is to be gained from a game that has you riding waves all day. Though, if you’ve ever played SSX Tricky, or rode the rails as Tony Hawk, you’re not too far from hitting those gnarly pounders as you think. (I learned a few months ago that this means Rough, big ass wave. For future reference.) With that in mind, Surf World Series is looking to bring the waves to you in 2017.

Developed by Climax Studios, most noted in the PC world for their development of the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, Surf World Series is gearing up to bring a lot fun to the gaming world next year. The game plans to put players in 5 of the most iconic surfing destinations around the world. Locations include Hawaii, Australia, and Portugal to name a few. The official trailer below does the visuals more justice than I can, so take a moment to check it out:

Surf World Series is bringing more than just letting the waves carry you to shore however. Players can expect to learn tricks like huge aerials and kickflips with 45 challenges for single-players. You can hang 10, or loose respectively, in their online multiplayer mode against up to 15 other surfers. With the ability to unlock tens of thousands of customization options as you rank up, players can bring their own unique style to the water. CEO of Climax Studios Simon Gardner had this to say about the game:

“Surfing is an amazing sport that’s been pretty underrepresented in games for some time, so we wanted to bring surfing fans a fun, arcade-style experience that’s all about mastering waves and racking up huge high scores. Surf World Series is a celebration of those moments when board and wave work together in perfect harmony.”

All in all Surf World Series is gearing up to be a promising arcade style sport game for the coming 2017 gaming year. Three different multiplayer modes, day and night surfing, and six different characters to play should bring a lot to the table for a fun and memorable experience. Keep an eye out for this one as it is set to release on It is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and in the Steam Store, the fun is coming for everyone!

What do you think of Surf World Series? Would you play a surfing game?

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