1980’s Throwback Coming with Free Update for PS4’s Battlezone (VIDEO)

For the eldest of gamers among us, Battlezone may be a memorable 1980’s Atari classic. Nothing says throwback like pixelated geometric shapes moving over a barren wasteland of other pixelated shapes. Though some may feel the classic VR play style has gone the way of the dodo, Rebellion Developments has something else in mind with a new free update.


Released in 2016, Battlezone revived the hover tank VR experience with PlayStation VR, and with it a fully immersive experience for the current generation. The graphics have a Tron like feel, with bright colors and tons of exciting action with their co-op experience. The game remains true to its “world’s very first VR game” roots, and the transition to the new “Classic Mode” had to be pretty simple to achieve.

A trailer was released on December 15th that illustrates the classic mode revival. The video includes old school sound and memorable explosions sure to bring us back to Saturday mornings spent on the floor in footie pajamas blasting enemies to chunky bits! You can see for yourself in the video below!

The update is just as enticing for fans of the reboot who may not be familiar with the original. New global leader boards, and retro controls are a few of the features coming to Battlezone. Rebellion Developments is promising to put players back in the black and green world so iconic of the original, with a score-attack style play. All in all the new Classic Mode is looking to be a fun way to remember the past, or travel through time and space to experience the VR shooter from a days gone by perspective.

The update releases December 20th for PS 4 VR experience. Throw on some “Danger Zone”, strap yourself into the cockpit, and get ready to be transformed! Whether you’re in it for the fun, or nostalgia, the new update for Battlezone promises to be a diverting way to kill a few hours, and a few battle ready AI.

Are looking forward to the Battlezone update? Sound off in the comments below!

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