Apex Legends Players Are Hilariously Comparing Mirage To The “Roundhouse Hipster” (VIDEO)

Apex Legends Players Are Comparing Mirage With The "Roundhouse Hipster" (VIDEO)

Apex Legends is off to quite an impressive start, racking up over 10 million users playing within the first 72 hours after the title launched last week. As with most game releases, players have begun to pick up on little things the developers put it, such as the adorable nod to Overwatch’s Bastion. More recently, a player picked up on an interesting similarity between Apex Legends’ Mirage and a man that recently went viral for a questionable roundhouse kick.

The news comes by of a post on Reddit wherein user SocialDisease posted a side-by-side clip of the “holographic trickster” Mirage and a Canadian man, the latter of whom made headlines late last year when he swung a kick at anti-abortion activist Marie-Claire Bissonnette during a pro-life event. Check out the clip below:

I knew that looked familiar from r/apexlegends

The events that take place in the top half of the clip are decidedly not funny, depicting yet another example of a time and place where violence was absolutely unnecessary in the situation. That said, seeing the very, very similar kick come to life in a video game through the good-natured Mirage character is enough to elicit a few chuckles.

Many of the comments in the Reddit thread were equally hilarious, with some stating that they “can no longer unsee” what transpired in the clip. As Apex Legends is still barely a week old, chances are we’ll see more startling similarities pop up as more people partake in the free-to-play battle royale game.

Apex Legends is now free-to-play for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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