New Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Map, Titans, Wallrunning, and More

New Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Map, Titans, Wallrunning, and More

Apex Legends is undeniably the first massively major breakout hit of 2019, racking up record-breaking amounts of players and concurrent users playing within its first launch week. Naturally, as a result the spotlight is focused firmly on Respawn Entertainment, and thanks to such scrutiny players have been discovering some interesting factoids within the game’s data that hint at upcoming additions to the popular battle royale title. These new tidbits of information go hand in hand with some of the previous leaks, which include the reveal that Solo and Duo modes are also on the way.

First and foremost, the greatly missed ability to play as the Titans from Titanfall may be getting implemented in the future as a new game mode. This bit of news in particular comes by way of the Apex Legends news & leaks Twitter account, which posted the above code that discusses things like “Titan build time” and “Titan rebuild time,” both of which are incredibly suggestive of a future addition by Respawn.

Those that have played either of the Titanfall games in the past may recall that the players, when outside of their Titans, have access to a few unique parkour abilities. Said abilities include the use of a JumpKit that allows players to jump away from danger or gain altitude for any number of reasons. Another was wallrunning, taking a page out of the Prince of Persia’s playbook. Both these abilities were also spotted in what appears to be code for two new game modes, though we won’t know much more until Respawn decides to spill the beans.

Those that have been playing Apex Legends fairly consistently since launch will undoubtedly be familiar with the game’s only map, King’s Canyon. Now, it appears that a new map of some kind may be entering the fray at some point in the near future. Yet another post by the Apex Legends news & leaks Twitter pointed to a new map that goes by the name mp_rr_box 1, which is decidedly different from the King’s Canyon code name, which is mp_rr_canyonlands. We don’t know much else about this yet, other than that it will be used in some kind of Survival game mode.

Last but not least, we may be getting Hoverbikes in the near future. The dataminers were once again hard at work, revealing some code for what appears to be a Hoverbike that is currently only available for testing by developers, but will hold a driver and two passengers once it hits the live servers. It’s important to note that we don’t know if this will be implemented into the standard battle royale or placed into a different mode altogether, such as the mode with Titans. Here’s hoping that Respawn will come up with a solution that will please both those that like the battle royale mode as is, and those that want a little more variety than they’re currently getting.

This is certainly a lot to take in, and this doesn’t even include the leaked characters and abilities, which can be found right here. Apex Legends is now available free-to-play for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

So, thoughts on the above leaks? Which are you looking most forward to? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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