Alice: Madness Returns Comes to Xbox One – Full Backwards Compatibility List Updated

The list of titles available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list grows every month – now housing over 300 Xbox 360 titles! This is fantastic news for gamers that want to ditch their older console and move completely over to this generation. Unlike PlayStation 4’s digital-pay-to-play throw back, if you own the 360 game itself, you simply have to put it in, update the game, and voila – no money spent. If you don’t have the disc, you can still purchase the game digitally, so no one is left out. The latest title to be added? The cult classic Alice: Madness Returns by McGee.

Alice: Madness Returns is a sequel to the beloved title McGee’s Alice, a spooky and baroque take on this epic adventure. “We’re all made here” takes on a much darker tone in this twisted tale set in the Alice-verse. The original title came out in 2000 and the entire story centers around this morbidly and intrinsically evil world created by Alice’s mind after it has been corrupted. Alice, who suffers from Survivor’s Guilt after witnessing her parent’s death in a fire, falls into the rabbit hole of madness as her grip on reality fades. The Alice in this world is a resident of the Rutledge Asylum, but the Alice in Wonderland faces all new terrors.

The sequel, Madness Returns, hailed amazing critiques from players world-wide, yet seemed to still miss the mark in sales. EA stated back in 2015 that they would be interested in revisiting Wonderland but they would first need to see the market want it before any decisions could be made. Perhaps the addition of this title to the backwards compatibility list will be that nudge in the right direction?

GameStop, Inc.

You can also see the FULL list of titles available on the backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One here. You can even bookmark it, as it is updated accordingly so you can stay in the know of any new titles added.

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