2.0 Update for Heroes of the Storm Finally Live and D.Va Revealed as Latest Hero (VIDEO)

Finally, one of the largest updates for Heroes of the Storm is live! The 2.0 update has been eagerly awaited and it causes all the cosmetic items in the game to now become free as well as adds even more items including new chat emojis and sprays! Another great part of the patch is the overhaul on the player progression that allows no limits on account and hero leveling and they have scaled down the experience needed to level up. In order to get everyone aboard the hype train, Blizzard made an awesome trailer that reveals Overwatch’s adorable little gremlin D.Va will be joining the HotS ranks, watch it below.

Genji will be an available hero as of today, but no release date has been announced for D.Va. Along with Genji, fans also receive a map that is based on Overwatch’s Hanamura map. HotS will now have Loot Chests just like Overwatch also, hence the change to the cosmetic items. Players will receive a Loot Chest every time they level up a hero, so you are getting the cosmetic items for free, but it’s all the luck of the draw. There is also a new Nexus challenge that offers cosmetic rewards for both games.

2.0 Update

Real money will now be replaced with gems thanks to the new currency systems which also add Shards that will unlock special cosmetic items as well. Blizzard is also trying to bring in new players by offering 100 free gems to anyone who logs on in the next month which can get you on the game’s new mega bundles that includes 20 of the heroes.

Have you downloaded the 2.0 update yet? Let DFTG know what you think of the changes in the comment section below and then follow us on Twitter, because all the cool kids are doing it.

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