Just Released – Check Out First Image for Marvel’s Wolverine Hulk Hybrid Weapon H

Marvel has been on a roll both in the comic-verse and on film. Key characters that have been more and more prevalent thanks to different medias such as TV shows and hit movies have been garnering more and more interest as time goes on. Marvel wouldn’t be Marvel if they didn’t take that interest, and delicately tease more to come. After months of speculation, the powerhouse team has finally unveiled a first look at the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid ‘Weapon H.’

Weapon H was created by the Weapon X team for the Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk crossover “Weapons of Mutant Destruction.” As seen in the image below, this weapon is definitely not something a normal person would want to encounter on the street with the massive traditional Hulk size paired with Wolverine’s iconic claws. That’s not the only blend seen in this new prototype either. Fans of Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, Warpath, and Domino may see some similarities within the design as well – a deadly blend for an even deadlier weapon.

The premise of Weapons of Mutant Destruction sets off with Hulk tracking down fellow mutants that are targeted by the nefarious Weapon X program, such as Sabretooth, Domino, Logan, and more. During a faceoff against genetically enhanced cyborgs, Hulk’s own genetic material was harvested – much like that of Logan and Sabretooth – for Weapon X purposes and the sample itself survives even when Hulk and the gang attack the facility in a rescue effort for Lady Deathstrike and Warpath. His sample being kept in enemy hands sets up for the dangerously lethal weapon seen in the teaser above.

There’s much more to this story as unlikely alliances become stronger as the threat becomes smarter. As the villain and mastermind Reverend William Stryker continues in his plans, so does the alliance to take this program out once and for all.

What are your thoughts on this story arc concerning the program responsible for everyone’s favourite Merc with a Mouth? If you could blend any characters into one ultimate weapon, who would you pick? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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