Hulk Shows Us How To Smash In Marvel's Avengers Superior Seminar (VIDEO)

Hulk Shows Us How To Smash In Marvel’s Avengers Superior Seminar (VIDEO)

Hulk has agreed to mentor us in the art of the smash in his latest video seminar, brought to us by Marvel Entertainment. He also invites viewers to learn how…

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Marvel's Avengers Leak Reveals Alternate Hulk Skins (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reveals Alternate Hulk Skins (VIDEO)

Hype for Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game has been quite the rollercoaster ride ever since the game was officially announced at E3 2019, with the game’s excitement levels starting…

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GTA 5 Hulk

GTA 5 Hulk Mod Lets Players Unleash Ultimate Destruction (VIDEO)

The Hulk is known for the ability of smashing everything in sight, fuelled by the character’s famous fits of undying rage. As such, this lovably destructive behavior presents a welcome…

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Marvel Powers United VR

Marvel: Powers United VR Game Announced – Play as Captain Marvel, Deadpool, and More (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to know what the Incredible Hulk sees as he’s smashing through his enemies? What about Deadpool’s perspective as he slices, dices, and shoots his way through…

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The Hulk Speaks in Brand New Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con 2017 Trailer (VIDEO)

The Hulk Speaks in Brand New Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con 2017 Trailer (VIDEO)

Comic-Con has brought to light several of the most anticipated films in recent memory, releasing many awesome videos over the last few days. Now it’s Marvel Studios’ turn and they…

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Hulk Stand-Alone Movie

Mark Ruffalo Throws Shade at Universal – Says He Will Never Be in a Standalone Hulk Film

Many characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already received their own solo movies, much to an incredible amount of success, but it’s been a long road for Marvel and…

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Just Released – Check Out First Image for Marvel’s Wolverine Hulk Hybrid Weapon H

Marvel has been on a roll both in the comic-verse and on film. Key characters that have been more and more prevalent thanks to different medias such as TV shows…

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Infinity War Set Images

New Avengers: Infinity War Set Images Tease Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Pure Destruction

Marvel has a pretty intense schedule before the next superhero team-up film Avengers: Infinity War. Spider-Man  is getting his first solo Marvel movie on July 7th of this year with Thor:…

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Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer

The Official Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Has Arrived (VIDEO)

The third installment in Marvel Studios’ Thor film series is set to come out later this year. While photos have already been released about the upcoming movie, it is video…

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Thor Ragnarok

New Photos of Thor: Ragnarok Reveal a New Look for the Asgardian Hero

Two key characters in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) were missing from last year’s Captain America: Civil War, Thor and Hulk (aka Bruce Banner). The two characters will be seen in this…

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