The Witcher Tabletop RPG Writer Gives Advice Regarding Roleplaying Sex In-Game

The Witcher Tabletop RPG

The Witcher franchise has become well known by its fans on the internet for its proliferated use of sexual relationships, especially in the latest game The Witcher III. Fans have been excited since The Witcher tabletop RPG was announced, and have finally gotten access to the game at the recent GenCon event in Indianapolis. The big question is, to what extent will the tabletop game’s players reflect the steamy content that the video game equivalent has been known for.

Now, The Witcher tabletop RPG writer has spoken out about roleplaying sexual encounters in the tabletop game, and has given advice about conduct when such scenarios occur when playing in a group. Cody Pondsmith was one of the co-writers of the new The Witcher tabletop RPG, and during a recent interview at GenCon, he brought up a specific section of writing he prepared for the game titled “Romance and How Not To Make It Weird.”

While his main preference for players undertaking a romantic meeting mid-game in a group setting would be to avoid it or let it be implied, if players are going to do it, they should be sure that their entire group is comfortable with it. As the rule book states on this matter, “A really good first step to set up romance in a roleplaying game is to establish how good all of your players — and indeed you — are at separation.”

“Often, very deep “character roleplayers” who really enjoy playing and getting really deep into their character have a hard time separating themselves from the character, and this can make romance uncomfortable,” Pondsmith continues. “I once found myself running a romantic scene with a friend and realized halfway through that it felt a hell of a lot like they were flirting with me. Needless to say it made things a bit awkward. Good separation also means the players won’t get as upset when things go wrong in a fictional relationship.”

Pondsmith also mentions in the interview that if the non-participants in a simulated sexscapade are not enjoying themselves, then the game is not being run well. Communication with the team, both verbal and non-verbal are going to be the key in discerning whether or not it is best to leave the horse in the stable or the bathtub unfilled. Hopefully Witcher players will take this to heart and make an experience that is more inviting than Geralt’s pecs. What do you think about this advice from The Witcher tabletop RPG writer? Let us know in the comments below!

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