Verizon Gaming Service Reportedly Coming Soon

Verizon Gaming Service Reportedly Coming Soon

With the monster profitability of Netflix, seemingly every entertainment publisher out there is now preparing their own competing streaming service. Whether it be Disney’s upcoming online venture or even the likes of Microsoft’s Project xCloud project, the future of entertainment surely seems to be online. It now appears Verizon is cashing in on the streaming platform as well, a recent leak suggesting the company is at work on a cloud-based game-streaming service called Verizon Gaming.

According to a report from The Verge, Verizon Gaming is set to become the next big name in video game streaming, the service currently undergoing alpha testing for its inaugural release on Android. Participants in the test reportedly have access to over 135 titles, all of which being trial-run over the Nvidia Shield and controlled via an Xbox One controller. It’s said that plans are in place for smartphones to also make their way into testing later on this month.

Verizon Gaming Service Reportedly Coming Soon

One of the more surprising aspects of the test is the particular games listed, with many being graphically-sprawling titles (Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter World) and others being exclusive to a single console (God of War, Detroit: Become Human). As there were also listings for games that have yet to be released (Anthem, Metro Exodus), it’s suggested that many of these are meant to be placeholders for the time being.

This project being in a pre-launch alpha phase, testers have reportedly begun providing input from their experience, citing lag, poor performance, and a lacking save feature as the biggest points of contention. However, Verizon is said to not have specific games or features in mind for the service at the moment, with current efforts focused on getting basic performance to a reasonable quality.

This trial is primarily focused on performance. At a later date, when we advance the product, our library will consist of most or all of the top games you are familiar with — but at this early stage we’re working on the engine and its parts.”

Verizon Gaming Service Reportedly Coming Soon

The report states that Verizon has yet to announce Verizon Gaming or even acknowledge its existence at this time. However compelling, it’s still best to take details with a grain of salt, especially if a project such as this is in its constantly-evolving early stages. If all does end up being true, we can likely expect Verizon Gaming to make its official reveal later on in 2019.

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