Titanfall 2 Alternator Replicated in LEGO – What a Masterpiece! (VIDEO)

LEGO enthusiasts and gamers alike can take delight in a functional replica of the Titanfall 2 Alternator SMG. The build, created by Nick Brick, is among many in his arsenal of game related LEGO weapons creations! In addition to the Alternator SMG, the special time-travel device from the level “Effect and Cause” is also included in this build.

The video below goes into detail regarding the specifications of the build. It also includes a realistic game-like first person demonstration, complete with special effects to make the viewer feel as if they’re experiencing the firing and reload mechanics of the LEGO weapon in real time. This sleek dual barreled SMG is an impressive must see!

The creator of the replicas and the video, Nick Brick, definitely seems to have a knack for this kind of thing. Should you be unable to watch the video, you can scope out the details on this epic Titanfall 2 Alternator and time device below!

Titanfall 2 Alternator SMG

  • Length of 14.75″
  • Length in LEGO studs: 47
  • Weight of 2lbs
  • Build time: 6 days
  • Removable magazine
  • Functional bolt
  • Functional trigger

Titanfall 2 Time Device

  • Build time: 1 day
  • From the mission “Effect and Cause”
  • Mounts to arm

Nick Brick’s LEGO tricks extend beyond the Titanfall 2 Alternator and include builds from Battlefield 1, Destiny, Halo, Overwatch, Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Titan builds like Ronin and Northstar! The YouTuber also has tutorials on how to build some of the things featured on his channel. Whether you’re a fan of video games, or of interesting and intricate LEGO builds, it is definitely worth checking out!

Titanfall 2 Alternator

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts developed and published Titanfall 2 and released it in October of 2016. The first person shooter puts players in outer space, controlling battle ready mechs. The game is fast paced, and includes features like invisibility cloaking and parkour that makes playing the game interesting and fun! Titanfall 2 recently enjoyed a win at the 2016 Game Critics Awards when they received the award for “Best Online Multiplayer”. It was also nominated for a number of other awards at the 2016 Game Awards.

With the game’s popularity and large fan base, it’s no surprise that creativity has spread to the web to show the love. We imagine more is yet to come from Nick Brick, and those like him, for Titanfall 2 and many other favorite titles! What do you think of the Titanfall 2 Alternator LEGO replica? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed The Gamers for more on Titanfall 2!

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