Under, A P.T. Like Horror Game Gets Trailer And Release Date (VIDEO)

Under Horror Game

Under, a new first person horror game from Globiss Interactive has just released a brand new trailer, taking the player through a Titanic-esque scene of a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean. The trailer follows Alexander Dockter in the year 1917, a traumatized World War 1 veteran who has to make his way through the seven-decker ocean liner that was his way home. Now armed with his wits and know-how he must escape his oceanic death trap. The kicker? He’s all the way at the lowest level.

Now Alexander will have to dodge a multitude of entities, obstacles and puzzles in order to achieve survival. He’s up against the clock with a broken mind and many shadowy recesses of his psyche coming forward to rear their ugly heads.

P.T, the playable demo of Konami’s cancelled Silent Hills game, has inspired many game developers in the past, and the overall ambience of the trailer shows that it’s influence on horror gaming is still going strong.

The Under trailer provides a fantastic look at the horrors of racing against time in a life or death situation as the ambience reeks of doom and gloom with a few apparitions popping out from behind dark corridors to give viewers a heart stopping glance into the world (or mind) of Alexander. According to IGN, Globiss had explained that the game is not linear and will require the player to have to return to the lower levels and thus into the rushing floods. Gameplay for Under will require players to puzzle solve, escaping the rushing waters, stealth and some combat as well.

Under is to release on PC via Steam on October 25th with a plan to release to consoles in Q4 of this year.

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