Twelve Minutes Cast Reveal Trailer Includes Willem Dafoe And Daisy Ridley (VIDEO)

Twelve minutes Cast

As gaming has become more and more mainstream, increasingly nuanced games with specific artistic visions have been able to find funding and decent followings. One important party that has helped get unique games a chance to shine has been Annapurna Interactive. The arm of Annapurna Pictures that has backed many critically acclaimed films has helped fund games like The Artful Escape. With respected names like Annapurna behind them, games in recent years have been able to attract big name talent, such as Norman Reedus in Kojima’s Death Stranding. Now, Annapurna’s newest game is boasting big Hollywood names in their new Twelve Minutes cast reveal trailer.

Annapurna Interactive recently released their new Twelve Minutes cast reveal trailer, unveiled as a part of this week’s Gamescom 2020 digital programming, on their official YouTube channel. The trailer, narrated by Willem Dafoe, focuses on an unnamed couple, confirmed to be voiced by none other than the X-Men prequel trilogy’s James McAvoy and Star Wars’s Daisy Ridley. The couple’s apartment is broken into by an intruder, also voiced by Willem Dafoe, which somehow leads to McAvoy’s character traveling through time in a time loop that lasts the duration of 12 minutes. However,  it is expected that the game will take several hours to complete.

Twelve Minutes Cast

The gameplay in the Twelve Minutes cast reveal trailer is seen from a top-down perspective, and will allow players to change the course of the twelve minute time loop with their actions. Twelve Minutes is being developed by former Rockstar Games artist Luis Antonio and is currently slated for a release some time later this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. With such an interesting premise and the star power of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe, hopefully Twelve Minutes finds more than its fifteen minutes of fame when it releases.

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