Travis Strikes Again Release Date For PS4 And PC Announced (VIDEO)

travis strikes again

Suda51 and company released the next in line to the wildly fun and unique gameplay experience. Earlier this year, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes made its debut launch on the Nintendo Switch and the team is ready to deliver the legendary Travis Touchdown to audiences on PC and PlayStation 4. The complete edition also comes with all previously released content including the Black Dandelion and the Bubblegum Fatale DLC. Check out the trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – Complete Edition below:

Travis Touchdown was living his best life in the rural South of America. As luck would have it, he can’t live in peace for too long before something gets mixed up! As the “ultimate otaku assassin,” players will hack and slash their way through Death Drive Mk II games console with stellar beam katanas. Jump from one game world to another with an epic boss waiting at the end. Check out the synopsis below for more:

Several years after No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Travis is living his best life in a trailer in the American south, along with his pet cat Jeane. The open air, absolute freedom and plenty of video games…what more could an otaku assassin want? That is until Badman, the father of Travis’ past opponent Bad Girl, shows up to exact revenge for Travis’ role in her demise!

During the ensuing battle, things go horribly wrong and the two are sucked into the Death Drive Mk II – a legendary gaming console that plays games using mysterious objects known as Death Balls. It’s said that collecting all six Death Balls – and beating the games that they contain – will grant the successful player one wish…”

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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is available on the Nintendo Switch and arrives October 17th for PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4. It

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