The Last Guardian Creator Seeking Publisher For New Project

Last Guardian Creator

There have been many prolific auteur directors in game development since the video game industry began, with one of the most consistent being Fumito Ueda. Best known for his work with Team Ico, his games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been some of the most highly praised titles since by critics and audiences alike ever. His most recent release, The Last Guardian, while irking some with its many delays and clunky gameplay, still represented a return of a master, which has many wondering when Ueda might return for yet another game. Well, it seems that The Last Guardian creator is indeed hard at work on a new title.

The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda was recently interviewed by Polygon about investment firm Kowloon Nights. During the interview, Ueda confirmed that he was indeed working on a new title, but that he was having some trouble finding a publisher. As he stated:

They’re able to grasp the idea by just showing a gray-box level which eliminates the need for us to prepare an extensive presentation. That valuable time is spent working on an actual game instead. When a partner isn’t as familiar with production and the steps of creating a game, there is a tendency to care more about the visuals, thus spending extra time perfecting that aspect rather than the core of the game’s design.”

While The Last Guardian was hardly a failure, it’s long and delayed development cycle has made Ueda something of a liability. Hopefully he is able to find a publisher that values his artistic vision and guards his creative integrity.

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