The Division Comic Contains A Clever Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg

The Division Extremis Malis

Games and comics go together like steak and potatoes. We’ve recently seen numerous successful serials inspired by gaming franchises, which fill up our bookshelves and empty our bank accounts. Dark Horse recently released another outstanding crossover series based on Ubisoft’s The Division. As expected, the first issue of The Division: Extemis Malis is packed with action and intense moments, but it also brings some cleverness to its pages. The first issue contains a hidden easter egg which refers to Ubisoft’s most recognizable franchise.

On Twitter, Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo posted a panel from the comic’s first issue. Chances are readers will focus on the orange ghost soldiers creeping through the image. However, a closer look reveals a set of familiar robes. The two seated characters are playing Assassin’s Creed. (It looks like Origins based on the locale, but it’s difficult to tell for certain.)

So, a comic book based on a video game based on a novel contains characters playing a different video game. That is one seriously meta easter egg, and just the sort of nod to Ubisoft’s flagship franchise we’d expect. It’s a subtle but brilliant move by Dark Horse that should help bring readers into the fold.

Here’s a description of The Division: Extremis Malis from Dark Horse:

“Months after a bioweapon attack devastated New York City, the Division agents are the last hope of a United States struggling to hold itself together. During a mission gone wrong, Division Agent Caleb Dunne’s partner is gruesomely killed, and Dunne vows to track down the mysterious woman responsible. As he gathers clues to her whereabouts, he uncovers a grave threat to a nation already on the brink of total collapse.”

The Division: Extemis Malis is now available for purchase. If you’re looking for more insider scoops on The Division: Extremis Malis, the people over at ComicBook have been covering its release in full detail. They recently published an exclusive interview with writer Christofer Emgård and a preview of the first issue.

As for the video game franchise, The Division 2 releases March 15 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Fans of the game can preorder one of the title’s five deluxe editions nows.

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