Tales of Berseria Western Release Less Than a Month Away, Pre-Orders Available Now (VIDEO)

Tales of Berseria (テイルズ オブ ベルセリア) by Bandai Namco Studios will finally make its Western debut in less than a month. The initial release date was in Japan on August 18, 2016, earlier this year. The ‘Tales of’ games is a popular series that gained waves of recognition from the West with the release of Tales of Symphonia. Most criticism lies in the large similarities held between each title, but unique worlds and characters keep fans come back for more.

Bandai Namco is catering to PC gamers who are also fans of JRPGs again, having done so for Tales of Zestiria as well. Take a look at the PS4 and PC Trailer below:

It must be said the animation for the trailer (seen above) is less than superb – especially taking into account what the PlayStation 4 can handle. However, the battle system look much better in comparison to Zestiria, which is saying a lot, considering the highest praise went to the battle system.

You can make the distinction for yourself by watching some early game play for the English dub, or the original Japanese version of Berseria. The mechanics are much smoother, and movement feels much less blocky and rigid. The maps and areas the character travel give a very open-world feel, with long and wide fields of plains and ruins.

The main character for Tales of Berseria is Velvet Crowe. Her design akin to Raven from the Gravity Rush series, with a melee fighter style and a claw she can call upon to deal extra damage instead. Her hair is pitch black and ridiculously long and an outfit, albeit changeable, that is telling of many battles. Who needs to sew or buy new clothes when you can just rock a tattered cloak? Though not practical, it’s great eye-candy – showing great sex appeal and a bad ass vibe.

The US release is set for January 24th, 2017 meanwhile the debut in Europe is 3 days after that – on January 27th. The PC version will be available on Steam.

So, what are your expectation for Tales of Berseria, gamers? Are you a fan of the Tales series, too? Are you in love with Raven Crowe’s design, or what? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

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