Starfield Xbox And PC Exclusivity Likely, According To Report

Starfield Xbox

As the console wars wage on with a new video game generation, major players in the industry are using a variety of tactics to convince customers that their platform is the best. One significant move that Microsoft made to help the Xbox platform is its acquisition of Bethesda. The fan-favorite developer/publisher has been granted several exclusive perks for joining the Xbox family, such as availability on Xbox Game Pass and recent FPS boosts on Xbox Series X/S. Now, new reports indicate a Starfield Xbox exclusivity might likely be in place for the upcoming project.

Gaming journalist Jeff Grubb recently provided an update on the upcoming Bethesda project from his official Twitter account. After several other users suggested that Grubb had claimed that Starfield would not be exclusive on any platforms, another person asked Grubb to speak some truth to the matter at hand. Grubb ultimately responded and stated that Starfield Xbox and PC exclusivity is set in stone, with the tweet reportedly acting as “confirmation” of the project’s release plans.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has suggested in the past that the Bethesda acquisition was largely about gaining exclusivity for their games. Spencer has also said that future Bethesda games would be exclusive to “platforms where Game Pass exists,” so Starfield Xbox and PC exclusivity would certainly seem to make sense in light of this. Rumors lately have suggested that more information about Starfield might be seen at the E3 2021 digital presentations coming in the near future, where such an announcement could likely take place. Bethesda has had a proven track record of high-quality games, and Starfield is likely to bring new universes to the Xbox family.

What do you guys think about Starfield Xbox and PC exclusivity being a likely thing? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Bethesda news, such as the new line of Bethesda Xbox Series X controllers, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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