Fall Guys

Fall Guys Draws The Attention Of Hopeful Major Collaborators

Fall Guys recently launched, offering players a chance to take part in a battle of skill, chance, and sheer hilarious action. The battle royale title of races and various mini…

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Walmart boycott

Walmart Boycott Arises After Removing Violent Game Displays

The past week has been a tumultuous time for the United States, given the several mass shooting incidents and near-misses that have occurred. Just like most other hot button issues…

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Walmart Stores Reportedly Ordered To Remove Violent Video Game Demo Displays

Walmart Stores Ordered To Remove Violent Video Game Demo Displays

The past week has been quite a terrible one for the United States, as the nation suffered multiple mass shootings that lead to numerous injuries and deaths. Interestingly, big box…

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Walmart Makes Fun Of Itself With Hilarious Rage 2 Promotion

Walmart Makes Fun Of Itself With Hilarious Rage 2 Promotion

It was almost a year ago when Walmart Canada made the unfortunate mistake of listing several unannounced games ahead of last year’s E3, one of which being Bethesda and id…

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Totino's Pizza Rolls

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Offers Exclusive Weapons for Eating Totino’s

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will offer their hungriest players a chance to gain exclusive weapons through an unconventional method. Ubisoft has partnered with Totino’s to help players gain the upper hand…

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Borderlands 3, Rage 2, And Tons More Revealed In Massive Retail Leak

This either has to be one big uh-oh from Walmart somewhere within their chain of operations or they were hacked. Either way, there are some exciting news headed this way…

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Cyber Monday 2017 Offers Big Discounts On PS4 And Xbox One

Walmart’s Cyber Monday 2017 Deals Offer Big Discounts For PS4 And Xbox One

Gaming outlets have been advertising their big Black Friday deals throughout the past month, but the yearly event’s hustle and bustle has largely been brought to a close. While those…

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