Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Reveals Tremere Clan (VIDEO)

Earlier in May, Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs revealed the Brujah clan for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, a full-blooded force to be reckoned with. Recognized for their independent…

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Nighthawks Vampire RPG

Nighthawks The Vampire RPG Meets Kickstarter Goals

Fans of Vampire: The Masquerade should be looking forward to 2020. A title heavily inspired by the franchise, Nighthawks—The Vampire RPG, has met its funding goals on Kickstarter.  Developed by Wadjet…

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Vampyr story trailer

Vampyr Story Trailer Unveils The Grim Details Of An Epidemic (VIDEO)

With PAX East under way, Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive have pulled out all the stops to share a deeper look at their upcoming game. In the Vampyr story trailer,…

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New Code Vein Details

New Code Vein Details Explain How Players Will Control Their Vampiric Hunger

Bandai Namco’s upcoming JRPG seems to get increasingly more brutal with each piece of information that is learned. With something akin to the Dark Souls franchise being touted, the vampire-based…

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October's Splatfest

October’s Splatfest Announced for Splatoon 2 – Appropriate Launch Date Revealed

October’s Splatfest has officially been announced, revealing the two opposing sides that will undoubtedly divide the Splatoon 2 player base. While prior Splatfests have explored the superiority of McDonald’s side…

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Bandai Namco’s Code Vein Releases a New Story Trailer (VIDEO)

Code Vein is an upcoming Japanese RPG that’s on the higher end of anticipation. For the time being, Nier: Automata is taking up the spotlight, but gamers who look forward…

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code vein screenshots

New Code Vein Screenshots Provide a Detailed Look at Characters, Skills, and Bosses (GALLERY)

Bandai Namco has revealed a collection of new Code Vein screenshots, which can be seen below, that teases players with more information of the world inside Code Vein such as…

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code vein trailer screenshot

New Code Vein Trailer Features First Look at Vampire RPG Gameplay (VIDEO)

After a series of teases, Bandai Namco revealed the existence of their next frustratingly fun adventure Code Vein, a vampire-themed dungeon crawler RPG. Those who have been following the game will…

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The New Title Teased by Dark Souls Publisher Finally Revealed – More About the Vampire RPG “Code Vein” Here

Earlier this week Bandai Namco set a couple of teasers loose on the internet with the caption “prepare to dine”. This set of teasers also included a short video to…

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Underworld: Blood Wars – Varga VS. Selene in Epic Combat (VIDEO)

The Underworld Saga marches on in the continuing war between vampires and lycans, and it’s looking like the darkest installment of the franchise to date (if that’s even possible in such a…

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