The New Title Teased by Dark Souls Publisher Finally Revealed – More About the Vampire RPG “Code Vein” Here

Earlier this week Bandai Namco set a couple of teasers loose on the internet with the caption “prepare to dine”. This set of teasers also included a short video to entice inquisitive gamers world-wide. Naturally, as hype so often causes, fans of the Dark Souls publisher went wild with speculation as to what the premise of the new IP would be. Rumors of what the title could be about had many hopefuls wishing for something along the ‘vein’ of Dark Souls (despite word that the franchise is done), but the team behind the latest RPG quickly squashed that as they announced plans for the Vampire-themed adventure “Code Vein”.

The information about Code Vein comes from the Japanese source Famitsu (once again translated by Gematsu). As described in the interview, Code Vein will be a “dungeon exploration-type, hard action RPG” and will be headed by the God Eater team.

Code Vein is slated for an unspecified 2018 release and the platforms for the newest RPG have yet to be disclosed. What we do know is that the game itself is set in the near future and players will be put into the shoes of what are called “Revenants”. These Revenants are vampires that set out with the mission in mind to show the truth of the world and why it is in a state of ruin, together with their allies gathered within the game’s narrative.

The vampires themselves, according to the interview, are a part of an “isolated society” called the Vein. The Revenants themselves have lost their memories as humans once they have “transcended” into the vampires they are within Code Vein. As if being a vampire wasn’t hard enough, a constant supply of nourishment is also vital. If a Revenant goes too long without its food source, i.e blood, it will then become what is called a “Lost”, which turns these vampires into mindless monsters.

You can read more about items and weapons used in the game, as well as where exactly the title is in development at the interview here. Additionally with Code Vein, the team behind the RPG have implemented what is called a “Buddy System” where players can take along one other character to fight beside them during their adventures for truth.

The team working on this project include Producer Keita Lizuka, Director Hiroshi Yoshimura, and Project Team Leader Yusuke Tomizawa. According to the team, Code Vein is estimated at about 35% complete. The game’s official announcement accompanied by a full trailer is expected to drop April 20th, so stay tuned with us here at DFTG for the latest update to this intriguing vampire game. You can also stay “in the know” by following DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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