DC's Titans Trailer Depicts A Darker Spin On The Teen Titans Formula (VIDEO)

DC’s ‘Titans’ Trailer Depicts A Darker Spin On The Teen Titans Formula (VIDEO)

The first trailer ‘Titans,’ DC and Warner Bros.’ live-action take on the popular Teen Titans superhero team has officially arrived, and…well, it’s very dark. The trailer opens with a bit…

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Nicolas Cage Superman

The Nicolas Cage Superman We Need Is Finally Happening In Teen Titans Go! Movie

Actor and lord of memes Nicolas Cage is a national treasure for his often glorious contributions to the big and small screen. This summer will see the Oscar-winning performer have…

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Nightwing Role

Drake Bell Hints at DC Nightwing Role With Series of Twitter Posts

A great period of mourning and anguish has been felt across the internet the past week and a half upon the news that a feud has arisen betwixt Drake Bell…

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Aqualad Splashes Back into the Teen Titans Comic-Verse This March

The recycling of characters and stories in comic books is nothing new. Every few years or so, some series get rebooted to bring a new angle on the characters we…

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