Call of Duty: WWII Collector’s Edition the ‘Valor Collection’ Unveiled – Full Details Here

The Call of Duty (CoD) franchise is one of the most popular in the last decade. With the next installment returning to the franchise’s roots, setting the stage in World War…

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Nazi Zombies

Nazi Zombies Have Returned in the Latest Call of Duty: WWII Trailer (VIDEO)

Instead of looking forward, the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII will look to the past(obviously). However, the CoD franchise has become known for usually including some variation of zombies in…

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Supply Drop Rewards

Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drop Rewards Will Be Purely Cosmetic According to Developer

The upcoming Call of Duty: WWII is gaining a lot of attention from fans, giving the impression of a dark, gritty story featuring some of the most famous offensives of…

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Call of Duty WWII trailer

New Call of Duty WWII Trailer Features Locations and Brutal Gameplay Action (VIDEO)

The Sony E3 Presentation has brought some pretty exciting trailers to fans. Among the gameplay videos is a new Call of Duty WWII trailer. It features locations and actual gameplay…

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New Divisions System for Call of Duty WWII Instead of Create-A-Class

With the latest CoD, Call of Duty WWII, having a huge spotlight on it at this year’s E3, it’s only natural that more and more information being made readily available…

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Operation Cobra

Operation Cobra and Other Famous Offensives to Appear in Call of Duty: WWII (VIDEO)

When thinking of games set during WWII, there are a few scenes that come to mind. Many previous WWII titles have shown off the invasion of Normandy for example, so…

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New Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Details Revealed in New Interview

With the stunning global reveal of the next Call of Duty title, WWII, there was a lot to be hyped about for both veteran players of the franchise, and those…

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Call of Duty WWII Leaked Marketing Material Reveal Details Including Release Date, Beta Info, & More

Since the big Call of Duty (CoD) announcement, fans have been happier than ever since they officially let the world know that the latest installment will surround the World War 2 era, like…

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