Seattle Police Department

Seattle Police Department Initiates Program To Prevent Swatting (VIDEO)

One of the biggest new inclusions to the gaming culture scene in the past decade has easily been the proliferation of live-streaming. Now, game enthusiasts are able to share their…

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The Division 2

Ubisoft Considered Setting The Division 2 in New Orleans, Seattle

Developers often debate when choosing locations for their games. After all, world building determines so much of what follows. This weekend, we learned that God of War almost took place…

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Life Is Strange 2 Reveals 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Taking Place In Seattle

The arrival of Life is Strange 2 is almost here and it’s heading to Seattle, Washington – the pacific northwest known for fields of evergreen trees, coffee, plaid clothes and…

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Fallout Cascadia

Fallout: Cascadia Brings The Franchise To Seattle (VIDEO)

The Fallout franchise has taken players from the West Coast to the East coast. With the help of some talented fans, the alternate reality of Fallout continues to grow through…

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Controversial Trailer

Naughty Dog Confirms The Last Of Us Part II Setting

Since the first trailer launch fans have been theorizing about the setting. Tearing apart trailers they’ve come up with some pretty interesting theories about The Last of Us Part II…

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