Special Edition Sea Of Thieves Hard Drive And Custom Controller Stands Revealed By Xbox

Last month, Xbox revealed a Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller that would make any pirate come running for that booty. A specially designed accessory complete with sea-green splatter, an overall…

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Sea of Thieves Dataminer Discovers What’s Next For The Shared World Pirate Adventure

With the Sea of Thieves beta test now extended because of rough seas, more and more adventuring spirits are hopping into the shared world created by RARE. Sure, some players…

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Sea of Thieves closed beta

Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta Announced For This Month

The time is almost upon us to take to the salty seas and engage in all sorts of shenanigans. With Rare’s pirate simulator set to arrive in just two months,…

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Thieves Xbox One Controller

This Sea Of Thieves Xbox One Controller Will Make Anyone A Proper Pirate

For those of you aspiring to one day live out the life of a pirate, your time is near. With Rare’s Sea of Thieves almost within reach, gamers are gearing…

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Battletoads, Bad Fur Day, And Viva Pinata Vinyl Soundtracks Announced By Rare Studios

Vinyl has made a proper comeback in terms of popularity and use. Whether you own one from way back when, a classic player, or the modern hipster remakes held within…

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Thieves New Trailer

Sea Of Thieves New Trailer Challenges Fans To “Be More Pirate” (VIDEO)

Sea of Thieves latest trailer is out and it fantastically highlights the debauchery that fans will get to take part in. The focus of the trailer is to “be more” of…

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Viva Piñata

Throwback Thursday: Relive The Vibrantly Coloured Viva Piñata (VIDEO)

On November 9, 2006, Viva Piñata was released for the Xbox 360. The unique gardening simulator combined the familiar premise of farming with the colorful Mexican custom of piñatas. Created…

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Sea of Thieves Cross-Play Announced at Gamescom

Gorgeous Sea Of Thieves Artbook Arriving Early 2018 – Features Sketches, Concepts, And More

Though it was initially announced in 2015, Microsoft Studio and Rare’s Sea of Thieves release has been a long time coming with a tentative release date of early 2018, and…

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Sea of Thieves Cross-Play Announced at Gamescom

A Pirate’s Life for All – Sea of Thieves Cross-Play Officially Confirmed

Amid the bountiful announcements already made known at Xbox’s Gamescom event, Microsoft has also revealed the new treasure that awaits Rare’s pirate-themed action game Sea of Thieves. Developers have implemented…

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New Sea of Thieves Preview Showcases Dynamic Storms and Realistic Water Physics (VIDEO)

One of the features that stood out the most in Sea of Thieves was the beautiful graphics, water, and atmosphere. It then comes as no surprise that the developers are…

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