Coming to Heroes of the Storm, Stukov and His Arm Bring Serious Advantages (VIDEO)

Alongside StarCraft Remastered getting an official release date, news from Blizzard Entertainment reveals that Heroes of the Storm will have a new character coming to gameplay in the near future….

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New Overwatch Map

New Overwatch Map Confirmed – Available to Play Now (VIDEO)

It was very recently that Atlas News, the in-game news source for Overwatch, announced that communication logs were recovered from the Horizon Lunar Colony years after it went offline. This…

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Overwatch PTR Competitive Play

Assault Objective Tiebreaking Changed in Overwatch’s PTR Competitive Play

Many of those who dabble in the experience that is competitive play in Blizzard’s Overwatch may have been frustrated before. Well, there’s a chance that everyone who has played this…

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overwatch's lúcio

Major Changes and Testing for Overwatch’s Lúcio are Underway

Earlier this week, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan hosted a Reddit AMA with fans to answer a variety of questions about the game and a few personal ones at that. He…

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Overwatch Character Teasers

New Photos Highlight In-Game Overwatch Character Teasers (GALLERY)

Blizzard has been giving fans Overwatch character teasers all week it seems. Players have been left to speculate who might be the next character to join the fight. This latest teaser…

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Overwatch’s Latest PTR Update Leaves More Doomfist Breadcrumbs (VIDEO)

It is no secret that Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch is an international hit. The staff here at DFTG happen to be huge fans as well. Part of the attraction to the game is the…

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Winston changes

Roadhog and Winston Changes Now Live in PTR Version

New Roadhog and Winston changes are now live in the Public Test Region. In the previous PTR update released on January 7th, a slew of characters received balance changes. Bastion underwent…

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Diablo III 2.5.0 Public Test Realm Patch Introduces the Armory

Games like Diablo III allow players to theory craft, and that’s absolutely one of the best features about it. It’s not just a hack-and-slash, action RPG. In order to hash…

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Overwatch Developer Update Video

Overwatch Developer Update Video Shares Reasoning for PTR and Latest Updates (VIDEO)

Previous reports surfaced earlier this month about the newest Overwatch updates that have been available for testing on the game’s PTR, or Public Testing Region. These updates have had fans…

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FYI: Overwatch Oasis Map PTR First Impressions + How To Participate in PTR

Oasis is a new map that went live yesterday in Overwatch’s PTR (Public Test Realm/Region) and it is beautiful! Given the name, you may have figured something along those lines. There…

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