Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan Discusses The Many Mercy PTR Changes

Mercy has seen a lot of changes come and go from the Public Test Realm since Overwatch launched last year and it seems like, just as players start to adjust…

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More Mercy Changes

More Mercy Changes Make Their Way To Overwatch’s Public Test Realm

Blizzard’s Overwatch is in a constant state of changing and evolving into something that players want to keep coming back for more. At least, that is surely what the development…

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D.Va Mains, Heads Up – Major Changes Coming to the Overwatch Tank, Including a New Ability

It’s a big day for Overwatch fans. As the Summer Event continues on, players of the popular Blizzard shooter have been treated to a brand new animated short (alongisde a…

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First Official PTR for Warcraft III Now Live – Retextured Maps, Balance Updates, & More

Warcraft III first made its debut back in 2002 and the game has finally gotten its own Public Test Realm (PTR). The real-time strategy game let players traverse the war-torn…

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Latest Overwatch Patch Shutting Down Dataminers While Also Buffing 2 Heroes

Overwatch dataminers have been making the people of Blizzard’s lives hell recently by finding and releasing information before the team is ready to make their announcements. They have released private…

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Overwatch’s Junkrat Likely Receiving Some Changes When PTR Returns

Everyone’s favorite Australian demolitions expert might be receiving a few tweaks soon. Junkrat may be loved by many, but he doesn’t quite receive the same attention in advanced or professional…

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Doomfist Progression

Overwatch PTR Update Adds Doomfist Progression, Buffs to Multiple Heroes, and More

Overwatch’s newest champion, Doomfist, is almost here, which means the Blizzard team is working hard to ensure that the punchy Talon leader falls in line with the other heroes, bringing…

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Doomfist released

Overwatch’s Doomfist Released – Here’s Everything to Know About the New Anti-Hero (VIDEO)

While Blizzard’s popular FPS has only been out for a little over a year, it seems like far longer since the anticipation for Doomfist’s arrival began. With each new hero…

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Overwatch’s Mercy Gets a Minor Nerf to Her Ultimate in PTR (VIDEO)

As a Mercy main, the news of an undocumented nerf to her Ultimate ability in the Public Test Realm was a bit of a shock, but do not fret little…

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loot box hoarding

Recent Blizzard Statement Warns Against Loot Box Hoarding in Overwatch

Change is coming to Overwatch in PTR patch 1.13.0 and will bring about some interesting improvements. Among them is an update to loot boxes that would diminish the number of duplicates…

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