Chet Faliszek

Chet Faliszek, Half-Life 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead Writer, Has Left Valve

The turnaround rate within the gaming industry fluctuates rather often. While some will stick with a company until they retire, others come and go as they move on to bigger…

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Half-Life and Portal Series Veteran Writer Says Farewell to Valve

After 13 years, writer Erik Wolpaw has officially left Valve. Joining the game developer company back in 2004, Wolpaw’s writing credits include Half-Life: Episode One and Two, the two Portal…

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Gabe Newell

Gabe Newell Discusses Valve’s Budgeting Process, or Lack Thereof

Valve is one of the biggest video game developers of all time and arguably the biggest digital game distribution company in the world. With Gabe Newell (Gaben, The Gabe) at…

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Valve VR Games

Three “Full” Valve VR Games Are Currently Being Developed

One of the biggest transitions that we have seen for a game developer in modern gaming history has been that of Valve. The developer of such hits as the Half-Life…

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Portal: Survive

Watch as One Aperture Scientist Escapes the Homicidal G.L.A.D.O.S. in Live Action Portal Fan Film (VIDEO)

If you are a fan of the Portal series by Valve, then you should be familiar with the general events that take place deep in the underground vaults of Aperture…

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Portal HoloLens

It’s no Lie – Portal Looks Amazing on the Microsoft HoloLens! (VIDEO)

When fans get their hands on the right tools, they often make the greatest projects that are inspired by their favorite video games. Take Kenny Wang, for example. A developer…

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Kim Swift - Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond Welcomes Portal Designer Kim Swift to EA Motive Studios

In the video game industry, turnover rates aren’t always that high. Typically, people will find a job they really enjoy with a company that treats them well, and see no…

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Portal - Apple II

Crafty Coder Recreates Portal on an Apple II and it is Awesome! (VIDEO)

When a blast from the past intrudes on the present, some flee for their lives, while others embrace the nostalgia like a warm blanket on a cool winter night. Assistant…

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New Titles Added to Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Program – Including The Orange Box

New titles are being added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program monthly and if that is something that interests you, you can always bookmark here to stay up to…

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