Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Turned Into Portal With This Crazy Mod (VIDEO)

Super Mario 64 mods have a long and storied history in creating insane new ways to revisit the popular platformer. Everything from First Person modes, new physics models from other…

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Portal: After Hours Mod Launches 'Episode One' Next Month (VIDEO)

Portal: After Hours Mod Launches ‘Episode One’ Next Month (VIDEO)

The folks over at DFTG absolutely love mods, and the recent news regarding Portal 2 co-writer Jay Pinkerton getting rehired at Valve has sent us on a quest to see…

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Jay Pinkerton

Valve Rehires Portal 2 Co-Writer Jay Pinkerton

Valve fans have become quite accustomed to the fan-favorite gaming company undergoing rapid changes in the past decade. The company started out as the developer behind several cult classic game…

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Portal 2 Expansion

Portal 2 Receiving Huge Expansion From Modders, Coming Soon

There are a number of artists who have showcased their inability to sometimes count or even use numbers properly. U2 skips numbers all of the time, Drowning Pool can only…

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Altered Portal Ending

Altered Portal Ending Explored In Latest “Did You Know Gaming” Installment (VIDEO)

When Valve released The Orange Box more than 10 years ago, it contained a game that nobody had heard of. The collection featured Half-Life 2 and both of its episodes as well…

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GLaDOS Returns

WATCH: Portal’s GLaDOS Returns To Science With Two New NASA Videos

The Portal series doesn’t look like it will  be going places regarding a full third title anytime soon even after the recent release of a mobile counterpart, though that game…

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Bridge Constructor Portal

WATCH: Bridge Constructor Portal Available Now on Mobile

Just as most of the gaming industry was looking back at 2017 to close out the year, it seems that one last minute surprise was meant to keep gamers on…

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New Portal Game

New Portal Game Revealed – Aperture Science Meets Bridge Constructor (VIDEO)

“Hello and welcome back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center,” the description begins on a video recently uploaded by Headup Games. The footage released happens to actually be the…

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Dota 2 Shapeways and Valve

Valve and Shapeways Partnership Will Allow Sales of Original Fan Creations

As fans, sometimes there are limited options for products and collectibles based on video games to choose from. This can lead to builders and creators to take matter into their…

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Get Funky Fresh With These Destiny 2 Armor Designs to Amp Up Before the Beta

Pretty much any game that has the option for character customization also has some pretty sweet armor builds to go with “that look”. Some are earned through certain events, some…

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