Paladins Dev Announces Cross-Play Shooter Rogue Company (VIDEO)

Paladins Dev Announces Cross-Play Shooter Rogue Company (VIDEO)

Even if you haven’t heard of Hi-Rez Studios, chances are you’ve heard of one of their games. The studio is responsible for some of the most popular free-to-play titles like…

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Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike Steals Overwatch Art, Studio Offers Explanation

It’s been a rough ride for Hi-Rez Studios and their hero shooter title Paladins. When the game initially arrived, it was essentially ripped apart by gamers everywhere for being an…

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Paladins Nintendo Switch

A Paladins Nintendo Switch Port May Be On The Way

Free-to-play multiplayer shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm may enjoy a healthy fanbase on PC and consoles, but the fun may be going portable if some recent evidence is to…

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Paladins - Cards Unbound

Paladins’ Controversial ‘Cards Unbound’ System Is Being Removed After Backlash

After just a few short months since it was first implemented, free-to-play shooter Paladins‘ ‘Cards Unbound’ system is being removed from the game. Introduced late last year, the partially pay-to-win nature of…

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Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios Confirms Current Or Future Projects Coming To Nintendo Switch

Hi-Rez Studios has been kicking off the new year with a bang. It was recently revealed that they would be bringing the immensely popular battle royale game mode to Paladins:…

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WATCH: Paladins Announces New PUBG-Like Battle Royale Mode With Paladins: Battlegrounds

As long as certain things are even remotely similar, comparisons will be aplenty. However, when two items are extremely like each other, people will begin to think one is simply…

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Hi-Rez Studios Address ‘Pay-to-Win’ Currency Changes from Latest Paladins Patch

Last week, Hi-Rez Studios implemented Patch 44 to the Paladins open beta and players weren’t too happy about it. Anger poured from the community, venting frustrations on the new ‘pay-to-win’…

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