Outlast 2 Story Mode

New Outlast 2 Story Mode Released, Deleted Scenes Included

Upon catching wind of some gruesome scenes featured in Outlast 2, many places around the world were hesitant to allow the game’s release in their regions. This prompted Red Barrels,…

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Outlast 2 Patch

Outlast 2 Patch Offers a “Global Rebalancing of the Game Difficulty” and More

Outlast 2 has proven to be an excellent addition to the horror genre since the game’s arrival last month, especially given that most people that play the game are more…

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As If Outlast Wasn’t Creepy Enough – New Launch Trailer For Outlast 2 Has Arrived (VIDEO)

Outlast 2 … it’s scary as hell, let’s get that out of the way. Not only does it look like it will do the horror genre justice, but this title…

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PC Specs

Outlast 2’s PC Specs Have Been Revealed By Red Barrels Studios

Outlast 2 is coming next week, after a long wait for fans. Since the game’s announcement, developers have been hard at work on story, soundtrack, and game mechanics – creating…

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games releasing april

Here’s the Full List of Games Releasing in April 2017

It’s the beginning of a new month, people! As usual, this expected fact is greeted with a myriad lineup of different titles for gamers to point their peepers at. This…

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Outlast 2 No Longer Banned In Australia After Consideration By The Australian Classification Board

You know those jokes people make about everything being scary and trying to kill you in Australia? Well apparently, with the game’s upcoming launch, Outlast 2 was officially banned from…

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Outlast 2 Has An Official Release Date Set for April – More Info on the Outlast Trinity

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for word on the release of Red Barrels’ latest horror adventure, you’re in luck… or not so lucky, depending on how you feel…

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Outlast 2

Listen to Some of the New Outlast 2 Soundtrack Now and Prepare to be Spooked!

If you remember playing the original Outlast, you can recall all those sleepless nights after a rousing gaming session, listening to every pin drop and creak in your house. Expertly…

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basic underscares

Outlast 2 Developers are Kickstarting their Own Brand of Adult Diapers Called Underscares

Red Barrels, the developers of Outlast 2, have created a Kickstarter in order to make their own brand of adult diapers called Underscares. So far they only have $5,890 pledged…

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