Listen to Some of the New Outlast 2 Soundtrack Now and Prepare to be Spooked!

Outlast 2

If you remember playing the original Outlast, you can recall all those sleepless nights after a rousing gaming session, listening to every pin drop and creak in your house. Expertly crafted, the game’s tale and soundtrack were definitely sculpted to incite the very definition of fear within its gamers as they struggle to survive the horrors of the story within. Now, with Outlast 2 currently in development, gamers everywhere are gearing up to face the horrors Red Barrels Games has in store for them this second time around. From the look of it, the soundtrack being created adds just the right amount of atmosphere to the experience.

Last year, videos were posted showing off some of the title’s game play as they continue to hone and tweak the title to get the best jumps and scares out of all of us. Even then, the game already looked like it was going to be one frightening adventure and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Now, as we draw closer to an inevitable release date, it’s also wise to keep in mind exactly who the Master of Music will be, working behind the scenes to bring the horror on in all of us. French-Canadian composer Samuel Laflamme is back on the case for this second coming, and looks like he’s ready to tackle this terrifying story with gusto. He recently posted a teaser of the sequel’s soundtrack on his SoundCloud account, giving listeners two new songs to listen to. He also posted some of the better tracks from the previous Outlast title, creating a short little playlist of skin-crawling music to listen to. You might just want to cuddle something cute and fluffy after you give these songs a listen:

Spooky stuff, right? In a brief interview with Cultured Vultures, Laflamme expressed what it’s like working on the sequel, stating “Outlast 2 takes the game’s horror in an intense, psychological direction. I was thrilled by the challenge to compose music to support this goal, and the first step was not redoing the same score as the original one. I had to be as bold and deep, but different and original.” From the sound of the two sneak-peek tracks we got, Laflamme is definitely on the right path, and we’ll all definitely be cowering under our blanket forts when the title comes out. Looks like we’re going to need those Underscares to come into production, after all!

So what do you think of the soundtrack samples we’ve been given by Mr. Laflamme himself? Are you excited for a chance to play Outlast 2? What did you think of the scares in the previous Outlast game? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hop on over to our Don’t Feed The Gamers Disqus to join in on the conversation there! Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. As always … game on, friends!

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