Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

Watch This New Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The Dragon Quest series has been an RPG staple in console gaming since the NES era, but in recent years, Western fans of the series have had unfortunate luck when…

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Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo Switch Presentation – When and Where to Watch

In October, gaming giants, Nintendo, announced and revealed their next console, the Nintendo Switch. A quick glimpse of the console’s “at home and on-the-go” capabilities have left us all drooling and wanting…

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Link Snowboarding

Watch Link Snowboarding in This New Zelda: Breath of the Wild Clip (VIDEO)

Nintendo has definitely been in a giving mood this week, in anticipation for the holiday season. Today marked the launch of Super Mario Run on the iOS appstore, and not…

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Seasons of Heaven - Nintendo Switch

Third-Party Developers Begin Announcing Games for Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

When the Nintendo Switch was announced, it came with a list of third-party developers that got fans excited. Not only was there going to be third-party goodness for gamers to…

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Jimmy Fallon Gets His Hands on the Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

As we try to patiently wait for the March 2017 release of Nintendo’s next console/handheld, Nintendo Switch, we get excited for more information as it comes. The host of NBC’s The…

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GameCube Virtual Console

Sources Say GameCube Virtual Console Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

While Nintendo at times struggles with gathering third party support and providing timely first party titles on its platforms, it does have the consistent benefit of having a large backlog…

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Dark Souls Nintendo Switch

New Report Points to Dark Souls Nintendo Switch Game

As we inch our way closer to the Nintendo Switch, we are learning more and more about the third party support being planned for the new console. The list of…

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EA “Huge Fans” of Nintendo – Watching the Nintendo Switch “With Interest”

All eyes in the industry are on Nintendo after their huge announcement of the latest in their console line, the Nintendo Switch. Among those watchful eyes is Electronic Arts, or…

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Stardew Valley Soon Comes to Console – Wii U Cancelled in Favor of Switch

Do you ever long for the days when the work of a man or woman was measured by the calluses on their hands? Soon we will be able to revisit…

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Nintendo Switch Preorder

Nintendo Switch Preorder Price Confirmed…or Is It?

Once upon a time, there was an unknown entity brewing about at Nintendo HQ. That unknown entity unmasked itself as the Nintendo Switch in October of this year. After such…

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