Foreign Retail Listing Might Point to Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch Port’s Existence

Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch

One of the more pleasant surprises for those looking for reasons to purchase a Nintendo Switch has been Bethesda’s support for the console with a version of Skyrim that will allow players to take their Elder Scrolls adventures on the go. Along with some motion control features and Zelda-themed content, this port has looked to be a nifty little version of the game. With this inclusion on the Switch, many have been wondering if Bethesda would bring any of their older games to the console. Now, a foreign retail site may have pointed to a Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch port in the works.

The website for Spanish seller El Corte Inglés reportedly posted a listing for the Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch Game of the Year Edition, which was then picked up by GoNintendo user rawmeatcowboy. The launch date for this post originally lined up with the September 26th date that the other console and PC versions were scheduled to be released, but the posting has since removed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version. While this does not bode well for the Switch version launching simultaneously with the other GOTY editions, the fact that the retailer has kept the post intact definitely keeps hope alive for Switch owners looking to exit the vault.

Considering that this is a foreign retailer, this type of leak has not always panned out, and while the similar foreign retail ousting of Switch versions of the Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy series by Telltale Games were not verified right away, we finally did get confirmation of their existence very recently. Fingers crossed that Vault Boy comes to the modern successor to the Game Boy. What do you guys think about this possible Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch version? Let us know in the comments below!

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